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This rafting thing? Need more info? Here goes!

what to expect:

On most of the rivers in South Africa on which white water river rafting is done, 2-man inflatable rafts known as "crocs" are used due to the rocky and shallow nature of our rivers. These river-craft are very stable, safe and require no special skills or experience. Can't swim? No need to worry, you won't need to. You will float, the life-jacket will see to that, and in any case, you will most properly stay in the raft, our highly trained and experienced river-guides will see to that.

On the Ash River, however, water gets pumped from the Katze Dam in Lesotho, through a big tunnel, and then flows all the way to the Vaal Dam via the Ash River and various other rivers. The Ash River near Clarens in the eastern Free State, therefore always has exciting grade 3 and 4 water and is not rain dependant at all.

This trip on the Ash River just outside Clarens, is without any doubt the very best 1-day white water river rafting trip in South Africa! Very exciting but at the same time also very very safe. On the Ash River we use big 6-man rafts (and not the 2-man inflatables called 'crocs') with a guide in each raft, doing the steering and telling you exactly what to do and when. Very safe!

We also provide all safety equipment needed, i.e. life-jackets and helmets. You will be perfectly safe in the hands of the experienced and highly qualified Outrageous Adventures river-guides.

On our full-day trip we will stop along the way to enjoy our famous and delicious river-lunch on the banks of the river. Please let us know in advance if you or anyone in your group has any special dietary requirements, i.e. halaal, vegetarian, etc.

For our white water rafting trips you need to bring:

Shorts or a bathing costume, loose t-shirt, strops or 'tekkies', in other words; clothes you can get wet in!

Very important: glasses and sunglasses are easily lost. TIE THEM DOWN!

A change of dry clothes. BRING A WARM JACKET!


Personal effects. Also your asthma-pump, bee-sting pills, etc. if you might need them.

Sunscreen! Very important!


Your adventurous spirit!

Some facts and some fiction:

fact - you will get wet!

fiction - to raft you need to be able to swim

fiction - rafting is a strenuous activity and therefore you need to be fit

fact - you will experience your share of adrenaline-high

fact - you will have fun

fact - you will enjoy getting out into nature

fiction - adventure is only for the 'macho'

fact - rafting is safer and more addictive than smoking

also check out The 10 Commandments of river rafting!

Come join us, it's HUGE FUN !!

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