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4 x 4 Action and Adventures

around Clarens and into Lesotho and Mozambique

There are some amazing 4x4 trails in the Maluti Mountains around Clarens and the eastern Free State.

Outrageous Adventures offer guided 4x4 trips, where you travel with your own 4x4 vehicle, and we accompany you with our own 4x4, and give you advice, show you the route, give encouragement, and all in all just have a good time, while looking after you.

Alternatively, if you do not have your own 4x4 vehicle, or do not want to risk damaging it, you can join us on a 4x4 outride. Spend the day with us, having fun reaching places you didn't think a vehicle could get to!

Our 4x4 experts here at Outrageous Adventures also do 4x4 overland tours and safaris into the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, and also to the stunning beaches of Mozambique. A 4x4 off-road paradise!

We offer 5-day 4x4 trips into Lesotho, and you can choose the difficulty of your adventure. Serious 4x4 action which can even include infamous trails like Baboon's Pass, or only easy 4x4 driving , enjoying the beauty the mountains of Lesotho have to offer.

Or join us on an overland safari through the stunning scenery of Mozambique!

Contact us at or phone on 083 485 9654, for all the details!

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awesome 4x4 action around Clarens awesome 4x4 action around Clarens